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Welcome to my little corner of the web! I have updated the site into three main blogging sections: Personal Stuff, RV Adventures, and Craft Projects. Plus there are a few other misc sections on the top nav. Choose a subject or see them all in chronological order. Or if you have some time to kill, you can start at the beginning.

L.B.’s Wings


This is a fantastic design by Dog-Gamuttt.com that I accidentally came across while trying to find ways to fix the holes at the bottom of our fence where L.B. was slipping out and making us run for our lives to catch him before he reached the highway.  We recently realized that the bottom of the […]

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Bottle Crafts


I’ve always liked the shape of Kirklands Vodka bottles – and the red coloring in the base.  I really want o do something crafty with this, just not sure what yet.  First off I need to fine a way to remove the labels on the bottle.  ( Well, first I have to get the bottle […]

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2 Rivers Campground Review

2 Rivers Campground

This past weekend we joined our friends C. and C. for a last minute camping trip. They were testing out their new RV and wanted to go somewhere close by to test everything out before heading out for upcoming planned trips. They chose to try out 2 Rivers Campground in Carrollton, Kentucky as it was […]

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